A Brand New Start …

OK, so I’ve decided to have a completely fresh start on my blog.  A complete purge of all the old content and a fresh, blank, site to start up again.  I want something new, something fresh, something to start over.

Like Paul Weller says;

I’m gonna clear out my head
I’m gonna get myself straight
I know it’s never too late
To make a brand new start

Blog Update …friends and family

Ok, so it’s been too long since I’ve updated my blog so I just wanted to pen a quick update …..

The last few months have been pretty bad to be honest. I completely underestimated my condition if truth be told and although my intentions of updating my blog and helping others was indeed best placed, I am not sure it was completely wise (or actually achievable)

I will still be running this blog, although in what form it will take place with I am not too sure.  I hope that it can still be useful – to others as well as myself. I think it’s all about setting realistic expectations and not putting myself under too much pressure to do things!

It’s a fine balance I suppose …

Thanks for listening, and for all your kinds words over the last 12 months …




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