Blog Update …friends and family

Ok, so it’s been too long since I’ve updated my blog. I just wanted to pen a quick update and also commit to doing more.

The last few months have been pretty bad to be honest. I completely underestimated my condition if truth be told and although my intentions of updating my blog and helping others was indeed best placed, I am not sure it was completely wise (or achievable)

I will still be running the blog, and hope that it can still be useful – to others as well as myself. I think it’s all about setting realistic expectations and not putting myself under too much pressure to do things! It’s a fine balance I suppose.

One thing I have noticed of late is the importance of friends and family. It sounds obvious I suppose, but it’s something that has been a bit of an eye opener. Since I was young I’ve always enjoyed my own company, I still do. I always thought that I could get along on my own, and although I was always pretty sociable I did believe that I could manage just fine with Me, Myself and I! Having positive messages from friends on social media has really been a big boost for me of late, and whilst I still enjoy time on my own I have come to realise that a good circle of close friends and family really is a great blessing.

Thanks for listening.

Welcome … Thanks for stopping by

Hi there. Welcome to my new blog.

Just Before Christmas in 2013 I was diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease ….. To say this came as a bit of a shock is somewhat of an understatement. I was immediately advised to make some serious lifestyle changes, was put on a number of medicines to help with my symptoms / keep my heart working as it should and also given a number of options regarding what surgery would be required.

Now, a few months later, I’ve settled on my daily medication (finally getting over some initial side effects) closed my photography business, cancelled my gym membership and started to simplify my life …..

I’ve decided to start this blog with a view of tracking my progress and hopefully help anyone else out there who is going through a similar scenario as I have found myself in. I am relatively young to be going through all this (35 years old when diagnosed) and after doing some research I have discovered that I am not alone in this as there are more and more younger folk being affected by such problems. The problem I found is that a lot of the advice out there for the older generation who are more likely to suffer from this disease ….. There is little content aimed at my age range and although the advice is simple enough and CHD takes no note of age, I feel it would be nice to have something available for younger people who get diagnosed and how they can deal with it all.

I hope you find the coming posts to be informative, educational, thought provoking and hopefully at sometimes maybe even slightly amusing. They do say that laughter is the best medicine (although with CHD I find daily doses of potassium channel activators, beta blockers and aspirin are probably more important!)

Thanks for stopping by …..